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Herman Recipe Ideas

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweetDo you want to do something a bit different with your Herman? If you don’t want to stick with the generic recipe on the Herman instructions that you were given, take a look at some of these suggestions from other [...]

Herman Instructions

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweet These are the instructions that should be given away with your three portions of Herman starter mix. Print them from here or for a better version, download the instructions from here: (Click the image) Herman The German [...]

Gluten-Free Herman

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweetInspired by the gluten-free version of Herman on your website, I went ahead and made a gluten-free Herman starter, and have handed out some of the portions and made a cake with the remainder. It came out brilliantly! For the [...]

Proper Herman

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweetMy mother always told me not to play with my food, but I often find myself unable to resist. Having contemplated it for a while, and then been spurred on by the discussion in the comments, I decided to have a go at a [...]

Herman the Baby Friendly Cake

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweet  by Chloe McKell I have been caring for my Herman starter for around three months now and the delicious cakes have become a weekly treat in our house. I have experimented with many of the recipes on the Herman website [...]

The Perfect Herman Bread

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweet I’ve tried some of the bread recipes shown, and they seem to taste a bit “sweet”, no good for a ham sandwich.  So I’ve been playing around with Herman and I think I’ve cracked it. To prevent [...]

Second Attempt!

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweet  by James Pollard Whilst i was outside cleaning the car my neighbour came over and we got chatting, she said she was baking a cake and wondered if I had a large cake tin she could borrow, after a further conversation [...]

Crystalised Ginger, Apricot and Orange Herman

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweetI love your site I refer to it all the time. I had my first Herman a few weeks ago and since then I am hooked and have made 3 myself. The basic, a strawberry and white chocolate and my 3rd and so far best Herman cake a [...]

My New Kitchen Friend

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweetI had never heard of Herman before, when I received my mix and although I love trying new recipes and baking, especially banana breads, my first thoughts were, oh heck!  What do I do?  Will it be easy?  I was worried [...]

Cherry Bakewell Herman

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweetI live in Britain, so use grams, because we do not have standard cup sizes. This makes a moist cake which is inspired by Cherry Bakewell tarts. The use of sour instead of glacé cherries cuts through the sweetness of the [...]

My Cherry and Almond Herman

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweet  by Linda Gray Today I made a cherry and almond Herman cake; both flavours are my husband’s favourite . I used tin black cherries in stead of apple , I first soaked them in amaretto, I used glacé cherries in [...]

Just How Flexible is Herman The German Friendship Cake?

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweet Ultimate Sticky Carrot, Apple and Pecan Herman cake We have a tradition of Bake week where I work at Logistik, and when a colleague gave me a portion of traditional Herman and it was my turn to bake for the office, I wanted [...]

Herman Pancakes for Everyone (including the Fairy!)

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweet by Helen My girls love their breakfast pancakes. They don’t take long to make and it all stemmed from doing finger foods when my eldest was a baby, pancakes were a quick and easy finger food and could pretty much [...]

Doug’s Tips

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweet  I’m a wheelchair user in a care home. I was given Herman by a friend from Church. An entertaining thing to do! He’s turned out OK – would comment though that I had to put him in for much longer than [...]

Herman’s Scottish Adventure

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweet  by Maddie Hi, I’m Herman. I am a project in Mrs McIntosh’s P5\6 class, in Methlick Primary School, Scotland. All the children got their names  put into a hat, and three lucky people would get their names [...]

Sloppy, Smelly, Bubbly Herman

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweet  by Jennifer Kinsbury (aged eight) When my daddy brought Herman home from work I was not very happy. He was all sloppy and smelly. It did not look like a cake to me. I was disappointed. I got to love Herman because I [...]

Herman and the Discovered Hidden Talent

{lang: 'en-GB'}ShareTweet  by Chris Ramsbottom “I’m sorry dear I’ve only managed to get rid of one of the baby Hermans for you” said Hubby. So what do I do with the other baby Herman currently gurgling away in the [...]
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