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Herman Recipe Ideas

Do you want to do something a bit different with your Herman? If you don’t want to stick with the generic recipe on the Herman instructions that you were given, take a look at some of these suggestions from other readers. If you have used a [...]

Herman Instructions

These are the instructions that should be given away with your three portions of Herman starter mix. Print them from here or for a better version, download the instructions from here: (Click the image) Herman The German Friendship Cake   Hello, [...]

Gluten-Free Herman

Inspired by the gluten-free version of Herman on your website, I went ahead and made a gluten-free Herman starter, and have handed out some of the portions and made a cake with the remainder. It came out brilliantly! For the starter, I simply used [...]

Proper Herman

My mother always told me not to play with my food, but I often find myself unable to resist. Having contemplated it for a while, and then been spurred on by the discussion in the comments, I decided to have a go at a ‘real’ sour-dough cake, [...]

Herman the Baby Friendly Cake

  by Chloe McKell I have been caring for my Herman starter for around three months now and the delicious cakes have become a weekly treat in our house. I have experimented with many of the recipes on the Herman website and loved almost all of [...]

The Perfect Herman Bread

I’ve tried some of the bread recipes shown, and they seem to taste a bit “sweet”, no good for a ham sandwich.  So I’ve been playing around with Herman and I think I’ve cracked it. To prevent Herman Bread tasting too [...]

Second Attempt!

  by James Pollard Whilst i was outside cleaning the car my neighbour came over and we got chatting, she said she was baking a cake and wondered if I had a large cake tin she could borrow, after a further conversation it transpired she was [...]

Crystalised Ginger, Apricot and Orange Herman

I love your site I refer to it all the time. I had my first Herman a few weeks ago and since then I am hooked and have made 3 myself. The basic, a strawberry and white chocolate and my 3rd and so far best Herman cake a crystalised ginger, apricot [...]

My New Kitchen Friend

I had never heard of Herman before, when I received my mix and although I love trying new recipes and baking, especially banana breads, my first thoughts were, oh heck!  What do I do?  Will it be easy?  I was worried about killing him or the cat [...]

Cherry Bakewell Herman

I live in Britain, so use grams, because we do not have standard cup sizes. This makes a moist cake which is inspired by Cherry Bakewell tarts. The use of sour instead of glacé cherries cuts through the sweetness of the cake with a delightful [...]

My Cherry and Almond Herman

  by Linda Gray Today I made a cherry and almond Herman cake; both flavours are my husband’s favourite . I used tin black cherries in stead of apple , I first soaked them in amaretto, I used glacé cherries in place of the sultanas. I [...]

Just How Flexible is Herman The German Friendship Cake?

Ultimate Sticky Carrot, Apple and Pecan Herman cake We have a tradition of Bake week where I work at Logistik, and when a colleague gave me a portion of traditional Herman and it was my turn to bake for the office, I wanted to see what happened if I [...]

Herman The German Friendship Cake – 1980’s Version

  by Hazel I first met with ‘Herman’ in the 1980’s, when my children where young and good friend gave me the starter. (Oh yes, I know that ages me….)  I was given instructions that had been typed on a type-writer (remember them?) and [...]

Herman Pancakes for Everyone (including the Fairy!)

by Helen My girls love their breakfast pancakes. They don’t take long to make and it all stemmed from doing finger foods when my eldest was a baby, pancakes were a quick and easy finger food and could pretty much include anything you like (her [...]

Doug’s Tips

  I’m a wheelchair user in a care home. I was given Herman by a friend from Church. An entertaining thing to do! He’s turned out OK – would comment though that I had to put him in for much longer than stated, even in my fan [...]

Herman’s Scottish Adventure

  by Maddie Hi, I’m Herman. I am a project in Mrs McIntosh’s P5\6 class, in Methlick Primary School, Scotland. All the children got their names  put into a hat, and three lucky people would get their names pulled out! Maddie got [...]

Sloppy, Smelly, Bubbly Herman

  by Jennifer Kinsbury (aged eight) When my daddy brought Herman home from work I was not very happy. He was all sloppy and smelly. It did not look like a cake to me. I was disappointed. I got to love Herman because I had to look after him [...]

Herman and the Discovered Hidden Talent

  by Chris Ramsbottom “I’m sorry dear I’ve only managed to get rid of one of the baby Hermans for you” said Hubby. So what do I do with the other baby Herman currently gurgling away in the fridge? I looked at the website [...]
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