Herman The 8th

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I first received my Herman from a friend (like noone possibly saw that one coming) and I had heard of it before but never had a go. My mother had been given one before and managed to kill it almost instantly so I took charge of this one and resolved to not make the same mistakes.

The first time I did it I followed the suggested cake recipe exactly, but when it came around to giving the three starters away I decided to keep one to have another go. I tried rhubarb, plum, cherry, banana, chocolate, mint, almost anything you can think of that would survive in a cake. I would always keep one for myself and after every member of my family who was willing to take a starter one and all my friends who have not ostracised me from the group for trying to palm them off with Hermans, I am on the eighth generation of Herman and it is still going strong.

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