Doug’s Tips

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I’m a wheelchair user in a care home. I was given Herman by a friend from Church. An entertaining thing to do! He’s turned out OK – would comment though that I had to put him in for much longer than stated, even in my fan oven, and even then he’s crunchy on the outside and soggy in the middle. More of a very tasty sourdough pudding than cake, it’s very nice.

Two tips:

1) don’t lick the spoon etc. after mixing, raw eggs can cause salmonella

2) put the baking powder in right at the very last minute, after getting melted butter / lined tin etc. ready, as it starts working (rising) as soon as it gets wet; you want to put it in as late as possible, just before putting it in the oven.

I like this idea, a good one and a nice pudding!


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